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Two new economic platforms to compound cost reduction and massively generate revenue:

1) Virtual Reality will allow remote colocation of knowledge worker teams which reduces both time and costs for all...

2) Mixed Reality (Microsoft Hololens) is the new "platform" that will elevate and visually deliver the Business Intelligence dimensional cube into a "Visual Analysis" setting...

Visual Analysis

I provide a broad spectrum of data preparation, analysis skills and techniques, and self service visual artifacts.

change specialist

I provide a wide range of HR consulting services designed to support your organization's success.

Lean six sigma

Achieving a calibrated  balancing of process costs and time for an optimized,  efficient, and lean profitable process architecture.

expert advisory services That both



Cyber Security

I encapsulate digital security in each strategic layer: Process, Information, and Data.


Microsoft Power BI Suite is the disruptor for the Business Intelligence space.

  • 90% of knowledge workers use Excel
  • Students learn Excel in H.S. and College.
  • 90% of BI artifacts from competitors platforms are worked on in Excel which create informal Excel-Marts.
  • Data Governance is stressed by shadow systems in Excel.
  • Master Data Management is not frozen and changes birth from Excel work.

"I do not represent or am sponsored by Microsoft" - Mark Hannah, CEO

SEASONED business system architect

deep knowledge of cross industry and functional best practices

A military leader and Silicon Valley genuine professional, certified in Lean Six Sigma, Business Intelligence, and Cyber Security and an eloquent influential change agent.  I've special expertise in compliance (CCAR & NERC) and a passion for Augmented/Virtual Reality.



Rapid Training

I coach and guide how to intrepret trends and ideas with your data to gain strategic insight with information you own.