Achieving a calibrated  balancing of process costs and time for an optimized,  efficient, and lean profitable process architecture.


I encapsulate digital security in each strategic layer: Process, Information, and Data.

coach & Instructor

Many senior leaders do not have a colleague or peer to confide personal and professional  challenges. Moreover, the inability to openly and informally converse on both strategic and tactical ideation due to the political risks inherent in leadership roles.

Let me help as I'm that unbiased SME and fellow leader who can ideate, plan, and coach through "execution" and delivery.​




Contracted Hourly (virtual or in-person)


Available on an hourly basis using a private mode of communication: virtual or physical.

A military leader and Silicon Valley genuine professional, certified in Project Management (PMP), Scrum Mastery (CSM), Lean Six Sigma, Business Intelligence, and Cyber Security with a dash of being an eloquent influential change agent.  I've special expertise in compliance and a passion for Augmented/Virtual Reality.


I provide a broad spectrum of data preparation, analysis skills and techniques, and self service visual artifacts.

Rapid Training

I coach and guide on how to adapt to trends and ideas with your data to gain strategic insight with information you own.

change management

I provide a wide range of HR consulting services designed to support your organization's success.

SEASONED business Solution architect

deep knowledge of cross industry and functional best practices

Consultation   +1(408) 782-4661 

Advisory Consultation

Management is overwhelmed with operational activities, hiring, rework, and endless meetings for starters.

Business Intelligent ideas to increase revenue and/or cut costs just never become a project.

Engage with me and I will assist with the Business case, Charter, SOWs, WBS, Resourcing, Budgeting, BI Reporting, etc. so that YOUR successful projects are launched.