“I had the pleasure of working with Mark at Adobe as he analyzed the system processes, working to design new system, and publishing efficient business processes for a more accurate pricing solution.”

Terri Anthony

Adobe Systems

"To process reengineer and deliver custom best-in-class new process designs for the assurance of painless execution of business driven system strategies. My expertise is in best practice defining, measuring, analyzing, designing, improving, implementing and placing governance (controls) for a lean best-in-class information system architecture that tightly yet flexibly aligns to your organizations strategic mission. Through measuring, analyzing, and controlling with Business Intelligence, I deliver cross-functionally transparent Process Excellence all the while developing an organized knowledge base for lessons learned and achieving CMMI Level 5."    
                                                            -Mark Hannah, CEO, Business Architect, Minimalist Designer

More from the ceo:

 Mark Hannah is the "Wolf" of Silicon Valley, cousin to the "Wolf" of Wall Street.  A peerless executive with a unique and robust set of experiences and skill sets that are fueled by his zeal for unparalleled and omnipotent innovation. His biography defines both his leadership and managerial foundation which spawns from the U.S. Military and his techie pride.  He gained high stress managerial leadership experience from his near twelve year active-duty career in the U.S. Marines, where he led over a hundred of the finest men and women concurrently while also managing the Marine Corps physical asset war readiness posture.  After his first career, Mark's contagious motivation for Mission Accomplishment by "doing more with less, in the most rapid process," a U.S. Marine Corps mantra,  has enabled him to receive opportunities with Fortune 50 companies.

 "I'm always an early adopter for new technologies and with them I am passionate in the ideation and execution of innovative applications or 20/80 uses that enhance how the workforce can produce greater value more efficiently through Omnipresent Intelligence." -Mark Hannah

I strive to help business owners develop a solid foundation and business strategy so they can be successful. I will work to improve sales, productivity, organization, company culture, and employee relations.

Consultation   +1(408) 782-4661 

From my broad exposure to many clients and fellow consultants, I will only provide precise staffing requirements with desired skill-sets at competitive rates. My company leadership philosophy and my advisors are comprised of "real-world" hands-on expert practitioners who have elite strategical insight into what data requires measurement in order to best align to your organizations successful strategy.  To deliver quick ROI, our strategy is to maintain a database of only "the few" highly talented professionals by role versus a mass of average skill-sets.  

By awareness of the value of time, my targeted and proprietary search & screening process for candidates with specific prowess results in only delivering your industry's best talent.  If your model is contract to hire, we can locate, close with, and acquire the most valuable talent that will only be a value-added asset to your team.  My customers' needs are priority and I only desire to delight and deliver more with less.

My clients have come to expect only the best when it comes to hiring Business Technology talent. By solidifying a strategic alliance with me, I will jointly build brand awareness and have cascading successful initiatives.

My professional "social" graph encompasses some of the brightest resources available. As necessary, my advisors and I are willingly available to convey best-practice and cutting edge innovative tactical knowledge to our up-in-coming professionals.   Note, I bring unmatched and deep experience to my own process. Offered competencies are in roles associated with my core services.



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About Us

Mark Hannah

Years of experience: 20+
Position: President & CEO

Mr. Hannah established Hannah Business Intelligence Solutions, Inc. to provide expert consultations for all types of organizations. He is steadfast in providing the leadership and forward thinking that will get your organization far.