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Call for a quote of consulting services. The below service modules are offered:

I co-create value with a proven lean maturity model having synergism for both a successful dual business and technical road map, while simultaneously optimizing matrix organization structures. From deep experience, my service portfolio provides a proprietary “transition” acceleration methodology to your organization.  These service offerings successfully deliver cascading iterations of tightly integrated knowledge transfers, hands-on practical application, and endless collaborative insight from your data. From my professional experience working with past clients (Fortune 50+), I’ve been chartered with fixing problems or quick rework solutions from the failed projects of large companies profiting by long-term consulting in the failed delivery of excessive Business Intelligence or Analytic's solutions, not me.  Having lean smart-processes monitored by the critical few tools, techniques, and practices allow for an always-on decision support system for data.

Within the Coaching module, I inform on what are the unfair advantages it takes to belong to the highly demanded proficient data analysis field.  My approach is, “One Analysis Any Tool™”, whereas regardless of software brand you use, if its tabular with charting ability, I deliver best in class visual analytic's. I coach on how to properly analyze multiple types of data, the history of tabular information, how tabular information relates in a database, core analysis techniques of tabular data, visualizing tabular data with charts, using charts to meet business strategy with Business Intelligence, and an introduction to advanced analytic's.  Teams or individuals with knowledge and application experience by using the “critical few” tools of top Business Analyst, provide any organization the readiness posture or foundation for agile adaptation.

The Advisory module conveys the essential information that drives mastery of understanding the behind-the-scenes technical architecture which supports data insight. This module seamlessly transitions from the habit making Coaching module, in that I convey what is proper Data Preparation and the challenges that come from disparate or data silos from cross-functional business processes. Then I transition into mastering Data Integration by ensuring  integrated systems are tightly aligned and have both application interfaces and underlying database data models that appropriately map. Next I transition into how to habitually analyze quickly and present a larger scale of data with Business Intelligence (BI) artifacts: Scorecards, Dashboards, Ad-hoc analysis, static and/or regulatory reports, and Mobile BI. Thereafter I cover what is strategically real-time versus right-time reporting and how to properly collaborate and/or weave into communications. After a workforce receives this knowledge, reactive decision making is replaced with habitual proactive decisions obtained through optimal data insight.

The Subject Matter Expert services module is my signature service(s) toolset of Proven Practices that reward by expeditiously accelerating to a state of data-driven insight. My mission is a long-term co-creation of “local” government and economic value.  I offer a rewarding experience by providing a rapid response mode of delivery that is simply, quick and right.  You will gain by having learning the techniques that enable 20% of effort which will produce 80% ROI. By me gaining the lessons learned from past clients whom explored Big Data and/or racing to meet government regulatory reporting (transparency), I provide you a unique and powerful service on: root-cause data quality analysis by Data Profiling, strategically aligned Executive or Operational Dashboards & Scorecards, balanced reporting for matrixed organizations, and Prescriptive, Predictive, & Performance Analytic's.  Your advanced workforce will operate on an organizational heartbeat by having transparent data insight which both reduces process and communication “wastes” and meets regulatory requirements while proactively scaling to “change.”

The Managed Services module are the best of breed Business and Technical Managerial strategic services.  For the business focus I provide a structured framework for an effective Business Intelligence Center of Excellence which will manage a Data Governance program, a Master Data Management program, and required Data Quality policies and procedures. For the technical focus we advise on minimally required software tools, infrastructure (SaaS, IaaS, PaaS), Data Lineage (Business and Technical Data Dictionaries), and cybersecurity (Risk & Fraud Management). Surviving the impending disruptive socioeconomic and innovative technical forces requires your organization to have an always-on readiness posture by an autonomous data-driven ecosystem that rapidly adjusts to risks, guides error-proofing of processes, and provides transparency of data that rewards all

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