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"Data Driven Insight for Vision Process Excellence"

I specialize in providing quality Visual Data Intelligence "strategic" services to individuals, government, and the business community. These strategic advisory services, incorporate a lean yet comprehensive project plan.  Using Agile Kanban Project Management for BI, the right data at the right time will be prepared, integrated, and visualized on any device.  In the process, we analyze your project portfolio and weave in process engineering opportunities to reduce wastes.

Business Strategies
Valuable guidance for new business start-ups, BI planning, and consultation services for our clients' business operations through every stage of a company's growth or product life-cycle. Any new organization requires a solid framework to build and scale operations, we guide you and ensure the most lean and optimal processes will keep your costs low and create visual analysis to be a compass for high revenue.

Process Strategies
Process re-engineering for maximum cost-savings or increased revenue opportunities which can be implemented immediately for quick ROI. A lean organization with Kanban Kaizen (iterative & incremental) improvements in processes will reduce or eliminate wastes of time (money) while allowing a knowledge workforce the freedom to innovate and propel revenue making opportunities.

Technical Strategies
Strategic planning and analysis for any Business Intelligent initiative. Not all expensive BI platforms which can take a year and millions of dollars are  required to meet business user/stakeholders decision support needs, as most data can be prepared specifically for a business functions exploratory analysis, static reporting, executive/operational dashboards, Six Sigma monitoring...we deliver expertise from the evolutions of lessons learned or more for less, period.

Research & Development
American made research and development services, with so many analytical purposed tools under the umbrella of Business Intelligence, we advise on minimalist design, an approach of rapid assessment of your business analytical needs then align your existing technical infrastructure and lastly identify the learning curves to maximize existing technology for designing visuals which support the critical few business KPIs.

Analytical Services
If you have a short term need for visual analysis services, we offer an excellent temporary service which can help. Ad-hoc targeted analysis is perfect for businesses that may be a little short-staffed and need precise "what-if" analytical advisory during busy times of the year. The next time you have a need for temporary analysis services, contact me!

Analyst Interviewer Proxy

Comprehensive screening of applicants for analytical and business intelligence roles.  There was a surge of IT staffing agencies harvesting and plagiarizing resumes of U.S. STEM workers in effort to submit their H1B candidates for inexperienced hiring managers, resulting in 90% of projects failing. This conundrum has spawned the need to recoup the millions of dollars for our customers in the Offshore model "actual" wastes which involve rework to lean processes, clean up dirty data, terrible code quality and non-existent comments, etc.  Please don't hesitate to call, we got your back in conducting an interview!  $100 for 1/2 hour versus >$10,000 in project losses for rework or training a false identity contractor.  

  • Business Analysts
  • Finance Analysts
  • Marketing Analysts
  • Operations Analysts
  • Systems Analysts
  • IT Analysts
  • Data Analysts/Scientists
  • Process Engineers
  • Project Managers
  • Business Intelligence Developers (all platforms)
  • Systems or Software Business Intelligence Engineers and Architects
  • VR/AR designers
  • Blockchain Engineeers