Mark Hannah
Years of experience: 20+

Position: President & CEO

Mr. Hannah established this company to share requisite knowledge for the Industrial Age 4.0 knowledge worker. Agile leadership and forward thinking that will take your organization to the next level. 

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About Us

Mark Hannah is colloquially the "Wolf" of Silicon Valley, cousin to the "Wolf" of Wall Street.  A peerless strategist and tactician with both a unique and robust set of experiences and skill sets that are fueled by his zeal for unparalleled and omnipotent innovation. His biography defines his genuine leadership and managerial foundation which spawns from a lifetime in the military culture and being an Xennial with early adopter exposure to technologies.  He gained high stress managerial leadership experience from his near twelve year active-duty career in the U.S. Marines, where he led consecutively over a hundred of the finest men and women while concurrently managing the Marine Corps physical asset war readiness posture.  As a SME, he was assigned to Washington, D.C. at the Marine Corpse Institute to be a course writer, however turned the opportunity down to pursue consulting in the Private Industry. After his first career, Mark's contagious motivation for Mission Accomplishment by "doing more with less, in the most rapid agile process," a U.S. Marine Corps mantra, it has enabled him to receive opportunities with Fortune 50 companies and renowned public institutions. See here.

We go above and beyond to absolutely conquer any constraints with proprietary growth hacking solutions. We work tirelessly to improve sales, productivity, maturation to a lean digital company culture, and B2B relations.

-Mark Hannah, CEO

"I'm always an early adopter for new technologies and with them I am passionate in the ideation and execution of innovative solutions through Omnipresent 


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