No worries here, today most things are automated, templated, or built with guardrails.

  1. Incorporating
    • The different types and why if you're solo you're going to want an S Corporation.
    • File the IRS form to declare the S type.
    • Fill out those templates but also know what they mean
    • Setup those calendar reminders
    • See our course on Entrepreneur - Legal... 
  2. Corporate Resolutions
    • ​​The key resolutions that legally authorize the financial tax strategy
    • Much more...


Getting the buckets and allocations correctly will massively exchange the monies you'd pay in taxes back into your business expenses. For example, have the business pay the $1,200 for the Cell Phone plan, $7,000 on a vehicle lease, $10,000 on office rent (home office and satellite office), $12,000 employee (your spouse or child) medical reimbursement, and the 100% 401k company match. ~$30k in Business Expenses which are a value-add to growing your company or lose that same ~$30k in Taxes? It's both Legal per Internal Revenue Code and a CHOICE every person has available to them - age may be a factor.

In the Digital age and now with Artificial Intelligence to augment us, most tasks are automated and with 3 clicks of a mouse or taps on a tablet or phone, you can pay yourself, bills, and employees, therefore removing the false Risks about being a business owner.

  1. Accounting
    • The software (Quickbooks) and setting up quickly
    • The Chart of Accounts
    • The Corporate Resolutions you need to sign as President/CEO to authorize 401k match, employee expense reimbursement, auto lease, shares, travel, medical, etc.
    • See our course on Entrepreneur - Accounting...
  2. ​​Finance
    • ​​Company checkbook, credit cards, loans, etc.
    • Shareholder stock management
    • See our course on Entrepreneur - Finance...​​


The conversion to Entrepreneur:

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