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How: Coaching & Mentoring

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What: 24 hrs of rigorous professional coaching in-person with Mark Hannah


No worries here, today most things are automated, templated, or built with guardrails.

  1. Incorporating
    • The different types and why if you're solo you're going to want an S Corporation.
    • File the IRS form to declare the S type.
    • Fill out those templates but also know what they mean
    • Setup those calendar reminders
    • See our course on Entrepreneur - Legal... 
  2. Corporate Resolutions
    • ​​The key resolutions that legally authorize the financial tax strategy
    • Much more...


The conversion to Entrepreneur:

Taking your skill set and selling it at a premium (double your income). We lead you through rigorous coaching on how to plan the jump with confidence, mentoring you through the transition. 



Getting the buckets and allocations correctly will massively exchange the monies you'd pay in taxes back into your business expenses. For example, have the business pay the $1,200 for the Cell Phone plan, $7,000 on a vehicle lease, $10,000 on office rent (home office and satellite office), $12,000 employee (your spouse or child) medical reimbursement, and the 100% 401k company match. ~$30k in Business Expenses which are a value-add to growing your company or lose that same ~$30k in Taxes? It's both Legal per Internal Revenue Code and a CHOICE every person has available to them - age may be a factor.

In the Digital age and now with Artificial Intelligence to augment us, most tasks are automated and with 3 clicks of a mouse or taps on a tablet or phone, you can pay yourself, bills, and employees, therefore removing the false Risks about being a business owner.

  1. Accounting
    • The software (Quickbooks) and setting up quickly
    • The Chart of Accounts
    • The Corporate Resolutions you need to sign as President/CEO to authorize 401k match, employee expense reimbursement, auto lease, shares, travel, medical, etc.
    • See our course on Entrepreneur - Accounting...
  2. ​​Finance
    • ​​Company checkbook, credit cards, loans, etc.
    • Shareholder stock management
    • See our course on Entrepreneur - Finance...​​


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